About Peggy

For ten years, Yoga & Reiki have been wonderful parts of my life. I love to teach because I love to help others live healthier, calmer, better lives.


About me: I grew up in Connecticut on the Northeast coast of the USA and started to learn about Yoga & Reiki there. For that past nine years, I have called Scotland my home and enjoy living in beautiful coastal Fife.

About my Yoga: For me, the ideal yoga practice helps us sit, stand, move, and live with greater ease, less tension, and more joy.There are many types of yoga – I am a Hatha Yoga teacher, which means I like to take things at a slow & steady pace in my classes. We’ll take our time getting in and out of poses, moving mindfully so we can listen to our bodies and avoid injury. My classes are safe and relaxed places to learn about yoga & yourself.


IMG-20180203-WA0001Reiki Level I (2009) & II (2009) with Sarah Root, USA,          http://www.radiantalignment.com

Reiki Level III (2009) & Master (2015) with Alison Strandberg, Tayport, Fife, https://alisonstrandberg.co.uk

Hatha Vinyasa Yang/Yin Yoga, 200 hour Teacher Training, Dhugal Meachem, Edinburgh, https://www.tribeacademy.yoga



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