Yoga with your Chakras

A workshops perfect for empaths, those interested in adding a new dimension to their yoga practice (whatever stage you are at!) and seekers of greater self-awareness & inner peace.



Have you ever felt your chest warm at the sight of your dog’s wagging tail or your stomach in knots before an interview? These are experiences of your Chakras!

‘Chakra’ literally translates from Sanskrit as ‘wheel’ or ‘disk’, but more broadly refers to our bodies’ energy centres, in other words how we hold thoughts and emotions within our bodies. Simply put, gaining an understanding of your Chakras means gaining an understanding of the connections between your body-mind-emotions-consciousness/spirit.

Date/Time: 28 July, 13:00-15:00pm

Location: Sacred Heart Centre, 25 Rodney Street, Edinburgh, EH7 4EL

Class Type: Includes guided meditations, deep breathing, yoga, chants, and Reiki. All levels of experience welcome.

Price: £25 Sacred Heart Centre non-member; £20 Sacred Heart Centre members

Workshop Booking through Sacred Heart Centre Website:

For more about Sacred Heart Centre:




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