Reiki Sessions

At the core of the practice of Reiki is the acknowledgement that our bodies, minds, emotions, and spirit/consciousness are all connected. If your stomach has ever churned as you sat in an interview or your heart has warmed at the sight of a loved one, you have experienced an aspect of this connection. Reiki offers a way of working with these points of connection to create greater balance, peace, relaxation, and well-being in our lives.


Duration: 45 minutes; 1 hour (highly recommended for first session); 75 minutes.

Cost: Dependant upon time and location (ranging from £30-£60).

Location: Please be in touch and I will arrange a suitable therapy room.

Type of Meditation/Holistic Therapy: Reiki is a quiet, non-invasive practice of ‘hands on’ meditation. A Reiki practitioner will place hands on/over chakra points or ‘energy centres’ of the body with the intention of bringing peace of mind, well-being, and balance into all aspects of your life. You do not need to fully understand about the chakras and can even have doubts of their existence to benefit from Reiki. Approach a Reiki session with an open mind of possibility. Still unsure? Reiki is best experienced, rather than explained in words, so why not give it a try?

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