Reiki : ‘Universal Energy’

The chakra healing modality of Reiki originated in 19th-century Japan and could be best described as ‘hands-on meditation’. Reiki offers a unique and wonderful way to connect with and understand our bodies, minds, emotions, and spirit/consciousness.


At ‘REIKI with Peggy’ Sessions you will…

  • lie comfortably on a massage table (clothes on) under a cozy blanket
  • relax with a short guided meditation
  • experience Reiki as Peggy places her hands lightly on/above chakra points
  • be gently guided back to your day


Still unsure what Reiki is all about? Some clients have said…

“I really didn’t know what to expect when I went to my first Reiki session with Peggy, but it was a truly uplifting experience. I felt an electric energy course through my body and clear through my head and heart. After my session, I felt a new level of calm and my mood completely lifted. I pretty much floated out the door at the end! I don’t really understand completely how Reiki works, but I cannot dispute the results. So if you want to improve your mind and body balance give it a try – you will feel fabulous” – Sarah-


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