Weekly Yoga Classes

The meaning of Yoga has changed and expanded in its journey from Ancient India. Today, it has many different forms and applications. For me, the ideal yoga practice helps us sit, stand, move, and live with greater ease, less tension, and more joy.


A weekly class is the perfect way to relax and rejuvenate! Classes are currently held at the Space Upstairs in Burntisland & the Dalgety Bay Sailing Club (check out these pages for more info). Want a yoga class near you?? Get in touch!!

At any ‘YOGA with Peggy’ Class you will…

  • receive clear direction to guide you through yoga poses or ‘asana’
  • modify poses to best suite your range of motion and level of experience
  • improve strength and flexibility in a fun and safe way
  • conclude with quiet meditation, leaving you calm and clear


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