Yoga Goddess: Workshop Series

Upcoming Events



Check back soon! Plans are underway for new 2019 workshops!

Past Events

September: Yoga with the Dalgety Bay Girl Guides

I was so excited to be able to share yoga with the Girl Guides in Dalgety Bay. The ‘Young Yoginis’ had a great time giving yoga a try!!

August: Orange Tentsmuir


On Saturday 17 August, I had the pleasure of joining my friend and teacher Alison Strandberg and seven other amazing women on the Tentsmuir Beach, Leuchars for an afternoon of meditation, yoga, qigong, and labyrinth walking. It was a wonderful and inspiring day for us all to recharge our batteries, take some time for reflection, and enjoy being in a strong and uplifting community of women. If you are interested in Alison’s ‘Orange Tent’ workshops, which empower women to listen to their intuition and share their insights with one another, please get in touch with me or visit to learn more:






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