Yoga your Thesis!

Writing a Thesis is a physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging process. Through this special programme, developed after the completion of my own PhD, you will learn how to use Yoga to relieve the tension in your back, shoulders, and neck caused by sitting at a computer, clear and recharge your mind, and let go of feelings of anxiety and stress.


Date/Time: Friday 8 June 2:00-4:00pm

Cost: £25/ 2 hours – Advanced booking required to reserve your mat. (Group of 6 Maximum). Contact Peggy for payment details.

Location: Bodyworks Edinburgh, 24A Melville Street, Edinburgh, EH3 7NS, Tel: 01312411833, email:, website:

Class Type: No prior yoga experience required – only curiosity! Whether you are an undergraduate preparing to write the longest paper of your life thus far or a PhD student wandering in the viva-post-viva world, this class will help you get out of your head and get back into the present with a smile.


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